Hydraulic Bearings

  • Before selecting a hydraulic release bearing, refer to the image below.

Ace Hydraulic Bearing

The latest addition to our vast range of superior products is the MWA Hydraulic Bearing. This product was designed through necessity where a Hydraulic Bearing is needed that fits virtually any transmission. This unit has a wide range of applications and can be fitted to most Manual Transmissions, delivering a smooth and precise clutch operation.

Here at Mal Wood Automotive we are always designing new products, so if you have a special hydraulic bearing you require. Give the team a call today.

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IMPORTANT: Tips when fitting a clutch using a;

Front Retainer kit 007FORD TOP LOADER TO ACE HYD BEARING (12)BULLNOSE TL TO ACE HYD BEARING (8)Hyd Bearing to G-Force (4)

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