Mal Wood Automotive have a vast range Bellhousings to suit most popular vehicles. We can offer replacement OEM, to aftermarket Alloy and Premium Steel Bellhousings.

Mal Wood Automotive are an approved distributor of QuickTime Bellhousings in Australia.  Available for track, strip, and street applications, QuickTime offers the lightest steel bellhousings available anywhere in the world.

Because the bellhousing cone is spin forged, not rolled or stamped like older designs, it is the most dimensionally stable bellhousing on the market, with over two times the strength of any other steel bellhousing. Built from-high grade steel, it is work hardened to withstand over 80,000 PSI.

With over 117 different bell housing designs available, and 750 possible design combinations QuickTime offers product for a huge variety of engine and transmission combinations for GM, Ford, Chrysler.

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