Consider Your Old T56 Obsolete! TREMEC releases the Magnum-F™ 6-speed for fourth-generation Camaros, Firebirds and Holden Commodores from VTII through to VZ.

The Magnum-F leverages TREMEC’s pervasive TR-6060/Magnum architecture in order to provide fourth-gen enthusiasts significantly improved performance and relief from a shrinking pool of quality T56 replacement parts.


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Features of the TREMEC Magnum-F include: same durable componentry found in many of today’s hardest-hitting OEM muscle & sports cars, increased face-width on all gears, a robust combination of double and triple cone synchronizers, enhanced webbing in the main case, provisions for a cooler circuit and more!

TREMEC also took the opportunity to upgrade the shifter to an isolator type unit, like that found on its Magnum XL. The shifter reduces in-cabin noise and vibrations while at the same time providing the precise and communicative shift feel that all Magnum’s are known for.

And like all TREMEC aftermarket transmissions, the Magnum-F is made from 100% brand-new OEM-quality content and features a 12-month/20,000km warranty.

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