Mal Wood Automotive offer a range of Tailshaft options available for standard replacement, or high performance applications. Using only the best quality components, we can supply tailshafts for 900+ horse power applications for most makes and models of vehicle.

Our high performance Tailshafts feature Chrome-Moly tubing, Larger Centre-Bearing and Stronger Uni-Joints. We can also fit Mark Williams Billet Steel Slip Yokes for extra strength.

We also stock at large number of driveline components including Standard Replacement and High Performance Slip Yokes and Uni-Joints.

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    *LH- LX & UC TORANA*

    For the month of October Convert your vehicle from cable to hydraulic with our package Special.

    You will receive the MWA Hydraulic Under dash pedal assembly, the ACE Hydraulic Bearing/ Ace Multi fit Hydraulic Bearing (slimline) and an ACE Braided Line.



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