The TR-6060 is the latest and greatest in TREMEC’s high-performance O.E. transmission family; designed to help O.E.M. customers more effectively make use of their extreme power and torque offerings. A nearly complete departure from the original T56 it was designed to replace, the TR-6060 represents a vast improvement over the T56 in nearly every conceivable way.


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Featuring all new compact synchronisers, TREMEC engineers created additional space to stuff substantially wider gears, thus increasing torque capacity while at the same time creating shorter throws and a better shift feel! While the packaging itself appears virtually unchanged; not a single component, from the forks to the split washers to the main case itself, went without an improvement.

TR-6060 Overview

  • The “next-generation” TREMEC 6 speed, introduced in 2007
  • Combines proven T56 architecture with all new components and advanced manufacturing methods
  • Up to 600lb-ft. of torque capacity
  • Application specific shifter, speedometer, and mounting provisions (varying by OE model)
  • The basis for TREMEC’s T56 Magnum aftermarket preformance transmission


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