Underdash Hydraulics

Mal Wood Automotive has designed a unique Underdash Hydraulic Pedal Unit, which is a great upgrade over earlier hydraulic setups available on the market. These units are a vehicle specific design, to give a factory look.

The Underdash Hydraulic Pedal Unit is a must when fitting manual transmissions with hydraulic slave cylinders.

All Underdash Units come with our Alloy Clutch Fluid Reservoir, valued at $59.

PLEASE NOTE: All our Underdash Hydraulics require a unique Braided line and Fitting, to ensure you receive the correct line to fit your specification please call Mal Wood Automotive. These lines are $145.oo.

Here at Mal Wood Automotive we are always manufacturing new products, if you have a vehicle that you need an Underdash Hydraulic pedal Assembly for, give the team a call today.



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