Tremec Parts

Mal Wood Automotive carries the largest range of new Genuine Tremec Transmission components available in Australia.

We can supply all components that you may require to repair, or completely rebuild your Tremec Transmission.

Parts we stock:

  • Input Shafts, Cluster Gears (Countershafts) and Gears
  • Rebuild Kits with Premium Bearing and Seal Kits
  • Synchro Assemblies and Individual Synchro Parts when applicable
  • Transmission Cases, Extension Housings and Bellhousings
  • Shift Rails and Shifter Blocks
  • All miscellaneous small components

We also stock a limited range of good, 2nd hand components upon request.

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    *LH- LX & UC TORANA*

    For the month of October Convert your vehicle from cable to hydraulic with our package Special.

    You will receive the MWA Hydraulic Under dash pedal assembly, the ACE Hydraulic Bearing/ Ace Multi fit Hydraulic Bearing (slimline) and an ACE Braided Line.



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