Ultimate Street Short Throw Shifters

Mal Wood Automotive has developed a range of Short-Throw Shifters which are arguably the best shifters available on the market.

Ultimate Street Short Throw Shifters have been designed to a very high standard with the aim being to bring you the driver the very best shifter for your vehicle.

Developed by the team at Mal Wood Automotive to deliver a superior quality shifter that vastly improves shift quality. Proudly machined locally, assembled & tested in our workshop these shifters are simply the very best.




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    *LH- LX & UC TORANA*

    For the month of October Convert your vehicle from cable to hydraulic with our package Special.

    You will receive the MWA Hydraulic Under dash pedal assembly, the ACE Hydraulic Bearing/ Ace Multi fit Hydraulic Bearing (slimline) and an ACE Braided Line.



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