Here at Mal Wood Automotive. We offer a professional reconditioning service for all manner of differentials from 4WD to front wheel drive to tough 9″ performance differentials, we can tailor a package to suit your needs.

Before all our differentials are reconditioned, all parts are stripped and acid bathed or alkaline washed to ensure all parts are thoroughly cleaned, which are then inspected by our qualified staff. All manner of parts are inspected for wear including axle gears, thrust plates, hemisphere, star gears, crownwheel and pinion and new bearings, seals and necessary components are fitted and assembled and finally marked to ensure accurate gear contact patterns. Mal Wood Automotive also offer used differentials which are thoroughly checked and marked for accurate gear contact patterns to ensure you are buying a quality product.

We also offer a ratio conversion service for most differentials where applicable and we can carry out differential servicing for your car.

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