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ACE FW07 153 T 11″ Holden

ACE ( Advanced Clutch Engineering) is a registered product range of Mal Wood Automotive and is a 100% MWA owned product range, ACE Clutch is not an imported product! ACE Clutch components include Billet Steel Flywheels, single, dual and triple plate Clutch assemblies, Hydraulic Bearings, Concentric Slave Cylinders and the range of “Under Dash” Clutch pedal systems.

ACE Premium Billet Steel Flywheels have been designed to suit a wide range of engines and applications and in most cases the Flywheels are multi drilled to suit a wide variety of different Clutch assemblies. Catering for standard replacement Clutch’s  through to our High Performance range of Clutch assemblies.

Manufactured from high quality Steel Billets you can be assured that you are receiving a truly superior Flywheel for your vehicle.

Standard Holden Flywheels only suit small diameter Clutch assemblies, therefore engines with higher power levels require a superior Clutch than standard.

MWA have developed a unique Billet Steel Flywheel that excepts an 11″ Clutch assembly, which easily handles the higher power levels of these engines, also available at extra cost are a range of High Performance Clutch assemblies to suit your Transmission. (See attached images.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: A High Torque Starter Motor is required for this Flywheel.

The Flywheel shown is a FW07 which suits 11″ Holden.

ACE 11'' Option 4ACE 11''Holden V8 OPTION 3



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