LS1 Left Hand Starter Kit

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Fitting Instructions

  • Remove the dowels from the engine
  • Remove the flywheel and clutch
  • Fit the longer dowels supplied
  • Fit the adaptor plated in position and secure it with two bolts temporarily
  • Fit the started motor in place. Fit the flywheel.
  • Energise the drive on the started and make sure it engages the ring gear.
  • Remove the two bolts and discard
  • Fit your bellhousing using two or three of the bolts supplied and mark where the drive gear on the started will hit the bellhousing.
  • Grind or machine the bellhousing for clearance for the started drive gear
  • Refit the bellhousing and energise the started to check it now clears
  • Fit the new spigot bush in position checking that the bush supports the input shaft, this is important!
  • Using the CSC setup sheet supplied check the location of the CSC and see if you need a spacer.
  • You are now ready to fit the transmission.