1. Workmanship is warranted for 6 months provided the job is overhauled or repaired to our specifications by our staff, work we have not recommended carries no warranty.
  2. If there is an issue with parts or workmanship supplied by Mal Wood Automotive, notification must be made by email or phone and corrections must be carried out within the warranty period.
  3. All warranty claims must quote invoice number and be approved before work can proceed (no invoice no claim) outside work is not covered by our warranty.
  4. All new parts supplied by Mal Wood Automotive by recommendation of staff carry manufacturer’s warranty.
  5. Oil seals and gaskets are warranted for one month on all vehicles subsequent damage by oil seal leak etc is not covered by our warranty.
  7. Warranty on exchange or reconditioned units & all new parts supplied and fitted by Mal Wood Automotive carry 6 months warranty on labour. But not covered against abuse, overload or incorrect oil usage. (parts covered as per item no 2) Second hand parts (sold in serviceable condition.) Have no warranty other than it is a serviceable unit at time of fitting. Existing parts reused carry no warranty against breakage failure or malfunction. All care taken. No responsibility.
  8. Absolute quietness is not guaranteed by relapping or replacing the crown wheel and pinion in diffs.
  9. We will accept no responsibility for parts supplied by the customer.
  10. Warranty not valid if incorrect oil is used.
  11. Warranty does not cover broken gears, shafts or axles.
  12. Warranty does not cover burnt clutches or flywheel.
  13. Warranty does not cover mis-use or abuse.
  14. Under the company discretion, pending on situation the company may pay for part or fully for an item of the claim.
  15. It is rightfully the owners reasonability to meet the cost of freight to and from.

Note: – We reserve the right to alter or change these conditions at any time

Any problems at all, DO NOT DRIVE. Notify us immediately. Failure to do so voids warranty. This warranty does not cover consequential damage, towing, accommodation, or loss of income. It does not cover defects arising from any accident, mis-use, overloading or negligence.