The Tremec T5 was developed to suit a broad range of passenger vehicle applications and is most commonly found in XF to BA Ford Falcons and VL to VS Holden Commodores.

Features of the Tremec T5 include: an overdrive fifth gear assembly, die cast aluminum housings for reduced weight, tapered roller bearings on the cluster shaft, needle roller bearings under 1st to 4th gears to enhance performance and reduce noise.

The Tremec T5 also utilises the advanced synchroniser technology also found in the larger T56 6 speed. An internal shift rail system, sliding reverse idler and multiple shift lever positioning makes the Tremec T5 a highly versatile transmission for a wide array of applications.

At Mal Wood Automotive we have a number of reconditioned and good used units available for both Ford and Holden. New Tremec T5 transmissions are also available as well as a quality reconditioning service for all T5 transmissions.

New Mustang T5 as shown below, $2795.