Ford FG Shifter, Stylish and Ergonomic

The Insulated Chrome Gearstick is $325

The TREMEC Gearstick Knob is $155

Add to this the Ultimate Street Short Throw Shifter at $395 and you have the perfect combination.


The Ford Falcon FG is a great car however what lets the overall driving experience down is the heavy Shifter.

Our FGX XR6 Turbo was the perfect candidate for a Shifter upgrade!

So we removed the original Gearstick and Knob an designed a retro Gearstick complete with an insulated base using a Chrome HURST Gearstick and a TREMEC Gearstick Knob.

The final result was a shift that is so much lighter to change and with a selection of Black, White, Brushed Alloy or Polished Alloy Gear Knobs the whole look of the car’s interior looks vastly different and better.