Before you start to fit this transmission kit, a few basic steps must to be taken

  • Remove original engine dowels.
  • Fit the new dowels supplied.
  • Ensure that the dowels are protruding 20mm from engine block.
  • Fit new engine plate and hold in place with 3/8th counter sunk bolt supplied.
  • Remove bellhousing from transmission and bolt in place with 2 or 3 bolts.
  • Fit starter motor, and check for clearance in bellhousing. In some cases if you are using the original starter motor you will have to grind the back of the nose cone for it to fit.
  • If you are using a hi-torque starter supplied by us you will notice that the bellhousing has been ground to fit the starter.
  • If you are happy that the starter fits and clears you are now ready to fit the gearbox.
  • If you have been supplied a clutch by MWA please read setup instructions before fitting.
  • Once the clutch is fitted you can now fit the starter & bellhousing on the engine.
  • When you fit the gearbox to the bellhousing make sure it is fitted securely. This is best done using a transmission jack for easy fitting. Under no circumstances should you force the gearbox by tightening the bolts.
  • We suggest you connect the fluid line and bleed the clutch and check it releases before you proceed.
  • Now that the clutch releases properly you can now proceed with fitting the crossmember , tailshaft and shifter.
  • Make sure you fill the transmission with oil
  • Run the transmission and clutch in by driving the car normally for at least 2,000km’s.

The price for this kit is:

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